Dunedin is an Android app (Google Play ) that allows you to explore Dunedin around 1910. Dunedin recreates the city of Dunedin of New Zealand around 1910 in 3D based upon old photographs of the town.

Check out the newspaper article printed recently at the Otago Daily Times.

It includes many of Dunedins grand buildings such as the exchange, the train station, the allied building and the town hall. Many of these buildings still stand today. You can ride the old trams or ride a horse. There is also then and now photographs showing you Dunedin as it is today vs in the game. There is also integration with Google maps where you can see a satellite image of where you are in the game. Theres also GPS so if you are Dunedin for real the game will translate your GPS coordinates into game coordinates. So if in the Octogon for real the game will show the Octogon. You can also play online and interact with other players and chat with them. Theres also a game where you are late for your train trip and must race to the train station.

Some Sites

The old exchange built in the 1800's and pulled down in 1969.
Dr Burns Memorial was build in 1891 which stood in the Octagon until it was removed in the 1940's.
The Dunedin train station which still stands today.
The AMP building as it was around 1910. Since has been rebuilt.


To move forward move the ball in the circle up and down to move backwards.
Click to switch between night & day.
Change the weather to cloudy, raining, windy or foggy.
Travel to different parts of Dunedin such as the Octagon, Station & Exchange.
This icon appears when a current day photo is available to view of the area you are in.
Play a game where you've got to catch your train before its too late.
See where you are on a map. Includes GPS & Google Maps
Catch a tram & loop around Dunedin from the Exchange to the Octogon to the Station. This icon only appears if you're near a tram station.
Connect to a server & interact with other people who are also connected.
See where you are in Dunedin on a map. Also includes GPS button that allows you to see where you are in Dunedin as you walk around. Also includes Google Maps where you can see a satellite image of where you are in Dunedin in the current day.

Where do I get it?

Get it from Google Play

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